Creating food labels

With the implementation of the EU 1169/2011 regulation, the provision of nutritional information for packed products is mandatory.

Food-Scion, as the authorized representative for Greece and Cyprus, provides the Nutraid platform which allows for the creation of a complete label with all the information the EU 1169/2011 regulation requires. The Nutraid platform calculates the nutritional analysis, providing information for energy, nutritional ingredients, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt, micronutrients and vitamins with just one click.

Creating labels in compliance with the regulation
By adding your recipe to the platform, the food label with all the required information. is created easily This information includes the nutritional values, ingredient list as defined by the regulation, allergen identification and anything else required. It also has the option of creating multilingual labels.

Nutritional information on menus
The requirement for providing nutritional information is of growing concern for consumers in Europe. The Nutraid platform also provides the option to calculate nutritional information for restaurant menus and other non-packed products.

Allergens in menus
One of the most important changes implemented by EU 1169/2011 is the mandatory provision of the presence of the 14 allergen EU list. With the Nutraid platform you can identify the allergens on the menu and provide the information for all the product ingredients.

Advantages of Nutraid

Analysing your products at a laboratory, provides you with very accurate results. However, the down side is that it is very expensive, and for each recipe change, you will need to repeat the process. Also, you will still need someone to transform the nutrients table into a compliant label.

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